Friday, August 6, 2010

Wild thyme does modern

One of our contemporary designs.......

We love it when our clients want something contemporary, especially if the setting for the flowers is spare, elegant and drop dead gorgeous ! It's all about those well chosen minimalist accents that give a room or home that something special. They're not faddish or trendy at all, but rather timeless details. Maybe a modern home or building is not everyone's cup of tea but there is an austere yet striking beauty about it that pulls me in. John him.

Lucky for us we have some pretty amazing clients, both personal and corporate who have extremely exacting and fabulous taste. Yes, it's slightly intimidating but that's because it's so damn hard to do well and still feel graceful.

Before and after of a chapel in a monastery by John Pawson. Such quiet contemplative beauty.

A 17th century barn gets Mr. Pawson's touch. He's not afraid of anything !

What a view. I feel perfectly serene now.

Alas my peaceful moment is all too to set up. Peace.

All interiors pics from John website. Go have a look. I'd link you in but I haven't quite mastered that computer technicality.


  1. Oh! Your design is stunning! Truly breathtaking. And thank you for introducing me to John Pawson's work. I especially love how he took a place that was already peaceful and made it even more ethereal and serene. I would love to visit that chapel.

  2. Hi Gigi, thanks for dropping by. Yes this monastery is truly beautiful.



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