Monday, April 18, 2011

Be inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow this Easter

                      A Fresh Take on Traditional !

Vintage linens, mismatched candlesticks, silver cups and fresh, loose bouquets of the prettiest spring flowers beautifully arranged along a rough hewn table.

Be inspired by Gwyneth's tablescape and incorporate some gorgeous blooms from Wild thyme into your Easter lunch celebration.

Wild thyme will deliver the most charming bouquets right to your door. We'll have blossom branches, tulips, sweet peas, hyacinths, hellebores, hydrangeas and more...... all in hues ranging from fresh greens, crisp whites and pale lilacs to lavenders mixed with deep burgundy blacks for some added drama.

Call us on 416.440.2614 or to place your order.

Check out the rest of GP's collaboration with the girls from

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flower Class was so much fun !

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Sunday flower class. What a blast ! Check out some of our photos below.

 The studio and flowers before the students arrived.

 We had some very lovely Spring flowers; tulips, sweet peas, ranunculus, hyacinths, but also garden roses, guelder rose, freesias, peonies (yes, early peonies !) and some nice foliages.

 That would be me, waiting nervously for the students to arrive. Sorry about the goofy look on my face.

 I'd like to introduce you to one of the loveliest people I know...Kathy MacLachlan. Kathy was one of my very first customers (10 years ago) and has been a great client and friend ever since. 
Thank you Kathy !

 The ladies starting to muck in. And also have a bit of a giggle.

 Totally focused on the task at hand.

 Choosing flowers for their compositions.

 I think everyone was totally into their creations. And by the way, doing an AMAZING job.

 But still having time to crack jokes, relax and have fun.

Everyone seemed to like the choice of mossy urn for their arrangements. Something they would definitely use after their flowers had expired. I heard talk of planting with herbs for the kitchen counter. Nice one !

If you like to check out our flower  classes email us at

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bespoke Country House Parties

So, last year I stumbled across this company that throws bespoke country house parties in the beautifully charming Cotswolds. It just so happens that one of the partners' in this retreat is  Sophie Conran (yes, that Conran, daughter of the great Terence). Man, it must be in their blood to be so entreprenuerial and also so talented. This family rocks !

And so does this place ! Temple Guiting is actually owned by a fellow called Steven Collins. Steven decided that he wanted to convert this family property into an investment. Smart man. Together with the famed Sophie Conran they have created this gorgeous retreat for anybody (which is semi affordable if you don't mind saving for a year and not take another holiday for another year --- the weekend rates will make you gulp a little) to hold your own private country party (just like the wealthy Edwardians did). 

Sounds good to me.You name it. It can be organized. They have experts from a varied and wide set of backgrounds. Hmmmm.....want to do a little fly fishing ? No problem. Always wanted to spend an afternoon baking artisinal breads ? No problemo. How about hot air ballooning, wine tasting, jam making, shooting, learning to play bridge/poker ?  It's covered. And of course, my favourite......the floristry course.

All this, and in the most gorgeous setting. The accomodation is to die for. Heck who cares about the activities. I just want to go and hang out....go for long country walks, read by a roaring fire, eat wonderful meals, drink great wine and sleep in the most sumptuous bedrooms ever !

Of course, there's always the  National Trust  or the  Landmark Trust  if you're not in need of so much pampering but still want to have that great country house/manor  experience. I think this is more my speed and more of what my wallet can handle. But if money were not an object........ then here I come Temple Guiting. Just for the weekend only.

More pictures and definitely more info on their website.


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