Sunday, January 30, 2011

WHITE by Vera Wang

Well, it was inevitable I suppose. Vera Wang is about to launch a VERY reasonably priced diffusion line of her own luxurious wedding dresses. Ranging in price from $600.00 to $1400.00 (US) - YES, I am totally serious, the price point is....... well......fantastic !

Colours in the collection range from soft white, ivory, champagne to blush.
Get this: the one shouldered gown: $1200
The middle gown: $700
The gorgeous champagne dress: $1200.

The details carry all of the classic Vera Wang touches, beautiful pleating, ruffles, draping and pretty sashes.

The WHITE line will also be selling veils, hair accessories, jewelry and I believe also bridesmaid's dresses.

The collection comes out in February in the US exclusively through David's Bridal. But it is coming to Toronto March 2011 at Meadowvale Shopping Centre in Mississauga and Smart Centre Scarborough.

I love Vera Wang. She has great style and is a phenomenal business woman. Heck she's even selling flowers online now through FTD !

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby, it's COLD outside !

Yep, as I write this on a quiet, beautiful Sunday morning, the temperature outside sits at -20 celsius dipping to -33 with the wind chill factor ! Ooooh yes, welcome to Canada. But I love it. The sky is a sparkly blue, the air is crisp, snow everywhere and there is a stillness that I find soothing. Mind you, you must be dressed for it and even then one needs to be careful. It can be dangerous at these temperatures.

But enough of winter, let's get onto dreams and fantasy holidays. Last year I stumbled upon a gorgeous website I think I came upon it through the British newspaper The Telegraph.
Anyway, in the Property section there was an article about an interior designer who was selling Mas St Esteve, his home in the south of France with all of its' furnishings as part of the deal. Gosh, I wish I could recall the fellow's name but I can't. Sorry.

I don't know if he ever sold it or decided to hang on and rent it out but it's definitely for rent. For the modest sum of $10,000 per week (well it does accomodate 12 people - so that's not too bad) you can
enjoy this handsomely restored farmhouse located near the village of Isle sur la Sorgue also known as the "Venice of Provence". Have a drool, umm, I mean look ....

What a pretty sitting room. Imagine having a lovely cup of tea with a great book in hand. I love the sofa and the rustic jar filled with garden roses. 

Champagne lunch anyone ? I think a semi formal setting like this is so chic for a casual but elegant lunch. Oh, did I mention that it can be arranged for a Michelin star chef to be on staff should you not care for the "self catering" approach ?

Errr, can't quite read the label. Something about a ......... -du-Pape. Must be a local wine of some sort. The cheeses look scrumptious and the beautifully monogrammed napkins -- classic.

The kitchen has a lovely open, contemporary feel. It think it's quite big.

Nicely styled.

Nearby vineyard

Quintessential Provence view

The farmhouse at night. The Plane trees are magnificent. Have a look at the first photo for a better view.

Very old world. The curtains look very sumptuous.

A favourite shot - a pretty, summery bouquet of chamomile flowers in a classic Provencal jug.

And of course we can't leave out the swimmimg pool. A much needed refreshing dip to keep the heat at bay.

Unfortunately I couldn't nab photos of the bedrooms, so if you want to check out the accomodation you'll need to go online.

Oh, and just in case Mas Ste Esteve doesn't suit, Absolute Escape also has two properties in Verbier, Switzerland for all you ski types and one property in Marrakech, Morrocco for a hit of exotica.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow, it's been a while !

I have not blogged in so long I feel like I have to start all over again !

I very much admire those bloggers who are relentless and committed to this wonderful place where thinkers, writers, tastemakers, artists, humourists, fashionistas and just all round divine people share their beautiful worlds and world view with us.

When I started I was pretty good about posting fairly regularly. Then I started to run out of a little steam. This is serious work ! I couldn't keep up. Mind you I do have a pretty good excuse... being a florist I get up very early every day to yada, yada, yada........ of course I don't have an excuse ! Like I'm the only one who has to get up early ?

Well folks, I will, one more time, attempt to start this year off by commiting to a year of blogging.

Wish me luck ! And eeeeh, I hope I'll stick it out.



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