Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NYC street style meets sophisticated southern wedding style.........

And it's beautiful. Come and have a look........

This is the chicest wedding I have seen in a while. I love the bride's style and taste. Her dress is a gorgeous, ethereal creation in the softest grey by J Mendel.

Taylor Tomasi Hill, an editor at Marie Claire magazine, lives and works in NYC. However, she is a southern gal and chose to have her wedding back home in Dallas, Texas.

Her style is wonderfully eclectic; a fabulous mixture of bold and daring, classic and elegant.

A very pretty redhead who has a great way with clothes, mashing up her looks, yet always looking chic and pulled together.

Her wedding ? Divine .........

Taylor wanted to infuse a 1920's vibe to her nuptials and successfully combined romantic and modern elements idea of a perfect wedding.

I love her hair....... a finger waved 1920's style, finished in a classic low chignon. The metallic clutch is by Chanel; the running shoes Superga. Taylor is known for running about town in her sneakers.

Her shoes are from Azzedine the same time modern and vintage, yet totally sexy !

The bouquet: a romantic mix of peonies, freesia, lily of the valley, anemones and other deliciously sweet flowers.

The reception flowers: dreamy, tumbling bouquets of peonies, french tulips and lilacs.

A contemporary garden setting, two extra long and extra wide tables with simple flowers.

Mmmm, I would love to have been a guest at this relaxed, sophisticated celebration.

What a cake....five tiers !

A beautiful bride.

Photo credits: the wedding: martha stewart weddings; street style: refinery 29

Monday, March 22, 2010

Flowers for Helen

Just a quick post to let you know how thrilled we are that Helen Mirren loved the flowers we did for her scenes and the large Christmas wreath we did for the front door of her hotel. Fingers crossed they don't cut the scenes.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet her but heard back that she was incredibly lovely. Apparently she walked into the production offices and casually introduced herself around. How sweet !

Sorry I don't have pics for this post. My house is under complete renovation and I don't really have proper access to the computer. So I am writing this from my laptop.

Really can't wait to catch up with all of my favourite blog pals. Things are just all over the place at the moment.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Having fun with the movies...

We've been working on flowers for a real live major motion picture filming here in Toronto.

RED....(you heard it here first) starring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman and most importantly........the lovely, extremely talented Ms. Helen Mirren. I'm so excited. Mainly about Helen of course. And we have been hired to provide quite a few of the florals for certain scenes. We've already done a huge ballroom scene complete with a floral homage to the American flag. A beautiful flag by the way.

While I don't know the complete story, I understand it is a political spoof and Helen plays a former CIA big shot who has now retired and runs an exquisite B&B (I'm sure) in the country. Sooo, we will be putting together some very pretty floral arrangements for the lovely hotel run by the ever so chic Helen Mirren (don't know her character's name).

The spec is "very Martha Stewart". No problem. As well one of the scenes calls for Helen's character to be arranging flowers for guest's rooms and around the hotel and we'll be providing the flowers for her. We've been working with the set decorators and buyers and I have to tell you this has been a delightful project to work on.

And I've been told that Helen is a dream to work with. Talk about six degrees of separation. Yikes !!!

Sorry !!! Just wanted to share this with you.


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