Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Baroness

The title of Sarah Slean's most recent album.  Sarah is Canadian, incredibly talented and really, you ought to get yourself a copy of this album. It's just wonderful !

Here's a video of one of her gorgeous songs from this album called Get Home.

You can fake your way to the finish line
But don't you dare profess to love me
When you're lying to another
That's not love, that's just wishing.
Wish and love are not the same thing. Yeah, yeah.
Get Home. Get home.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My latest art crush....


A couple of weeks ago I received an email from my friends at PARTS GALLERY inviting me to the opening of a new selection of paintings by one of their artists Judith Geher. The above painting accompanied the invitation and I instantly thought, "I've gotta see this for real". It truly resonated with me. But I'm not quite sure what hit me first. Was it the colours ? Perhaps it was the mood of the painting - so sexy and romantic. Maybe it was the soft swirls and curls of her hair. Her icy blue eyes ? Or was it the way the paint went from heavy dollops of colour to no paint at all ? It almost felt...mmmm... not quite finished. Whatever it was, I thought it was beauuutiful.

I immediately checked PARTS website to see more of her work and instantly thought of my niece Carey. One email later and we had a date to check out Judith's work. And we were not disappointed.

Being a florist, this painting thrilled me. A young woman immersing herself into the intoxicating smell off of a bouquet. Sweet !!!

While I love Titian, I think this was really my favourite. I loved the shades of greens and the bouquet  was gorgeously painted. It was painted on two boards (a duotych?) and I have just the spot for it in my house !

The blues in this painting were so ethereal. So delicate, feathery and light.
Plus, I love the kiss.

Spring Cloak
As soon as I saw this, I emailed Carey. How pretty.

And more of Judith's work...............

Eve 1


PARTS GALLERY will be at The Toronto International Art Fair next week. We wish you and your artists great success at the show !

Judith Geher at Parts Gallery from October 14 - November 7, 2010
1150 Queen St. East, Toronto

Thursday, October 14, 2010


At this time of year I fall completely and madly in love with this colour palette. Firey reds and oranges bursting with life and passion but beautifully balanced by plums, burgundies, grey greens and more subtle burnt oranges. Some people call these jewel tones.

The textures in the flowers and the old world vibe of this picture totally speak to me.

Both arrangements convey a sense and feeling of autumn yet they're filled with spring flowers ! Did you notice the tulips and ranunculus ?

Colour is definitely a seasonal thing for me. In the fall, it's jewel tones as in the pics above. It doesn't matter that there are Spring flowers in the arrangement. The colours remind us of the time of year.

The winter calls for deeper reds and burgundies with even deeper greens or alternatively wintry whites. In early spring I'm loving pale lavenders, blues and soft yellows which lead into the softer pinks, peaches and creams of late spring/early summer. And high summer is all about fuscha pinks, corals, hot reds and bright greens.

How does colour speak to you ?

Apologies for not crediting the photos. I seem to have lost the photographer's name. If anyone recognizes, please do let me know and I will gladly credit.


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