Monday, March 21, 2011

"Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost"

Wim Wenders is one of my favourite directors. His work is so subtle, spare and beautiful. A true artist. So it has not surprised me that he has created an exquisite homage to the late modern dance choreographer Pina Bausch on film. AND presented it in 3D

Ms. Bausch saw art as a vehicle for social criticism. She wanted her audience to react as they felt. It didn't matter whether they simply liked what they saw. She wanted a response. It had to engage you - positive or negative.

The film premiered at The Berlin Film Festival 2011 and opens in Europe in April. I can't wait for it to come to Toronto. It looks magical and beautiful.

"Dance, dance otherwise we are lost"  Pina Bausch

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"WILD" Flower Classes: Spring 2011

UPDATE: We're thrilled our Sunday class is SOLD OUT ! Still two spaces available in our Wednesday class. Come join us !

We'll be hosting two flower classes this Spring. Check them out !

Loose, Natural, Vintage
Sunday, March 27, 1 pm to 4 pm
Spend the afternoon creating your very own nature inspired bouquet.
Learn how to arrange flowers into sweetly romantic jars and pots, mossy urns and fabulous retro vases.
You will be encouraged to let your flowers tumble, nestle, cluster and drape.
And we'll be working with garden style roses, ranunculus, vines, tulips and more......

Refined, Sophisticated, Elegant 
Wednesday, March 30, 6 pm to 9 pm
An evening dedicated to the art of the Parisian hand tied bouquet.
Learn to arrange flowers in your hand; twisting, turning and creating a bouquet, understanding textures and how flowers complement and support each other. And the piece de resistance ?
You will take a way a breathtaking bouquet filled with the loveliest spring flowers and foliages.....
Just like you had bought it in Paris! Ooh la la ! 

Come Join Us !

All classes include tools, containers and flowers

Refreshments and pastries will be served and we'll finish with a glass of bubbly.

Each class  $150.00 plus HST

To sign up for a class, please contact us at


Photo credit: Hallie Burton   

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This just in..... The Royal Wedding

The Telegraph in the UK are speculating very highly that the designer chosen to create Kate Middleton's dress is....
The amazingly talented Sarah Mower

OMG, I so hope so. As Alexander McQueen's right hand she helped to create some of the most fantastical and beautiful clothing in the last 10 years. So you know Kate's dress will be spectacular (in the chicest, most elegant way) in this woman's hands. Something to really look forward to. Of course, everyone's keeping "mum" on this but fingers crossed !

And yes, I'm dying to know which florist will be given the phenomenal opportunity to create Kate's bouquet.

Fleur d'Exces

Translated: Flowers of Excess
Unveiled: The solo debut of Victoire de Castellane's one of a kind jeweled sculptures.
The gallery: The Gagosian in Paris.
Until: March 22, 2011

Resume: Madame de Castellane is the Creative Director of Dior's Haute Joaillerie. Prior to this M. de Castellane designed for CHANEL for 14 years but has been with Dior since 1998. Victoire has said that she created her first piece of jewelry at the age of 5.

While I find it very hard to believe, M. de Castellane admits that in real life she doesn't actually like flowers. "I can't get attached to something that dies so quickly so, I make flowers that last forever".

Her exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in Paris looks beautiful. Wish I was in Paris (sigh) !

Cana Bisextum Now

L. Es Delirium Flash

I love the whole concept of this exhibition. Victoire was thinking about how women wear jewelry only to remove and instantly hide away in some box. She wanted to experiment with displaying the pieces as sculpture. In doing so she has created each piece as a specimen with a botanical twist, even so far as to make up a fictional botanical classification system. Each piece of jewelry has a fake Latin it.

The jewels are displayed under glass, very much like Victorian curiosities.

Crystalucinae Metha Agressiva

How much fun is this ?

Extasium Ethero Coitus

Acidae Lili Pervetus

Materials in her work: laquered silver, white gold, diamonds, nephrite jade, rubies, smoked quartz.....

Isn't this fabulous ?  Totally, totally wish I was in Paris.

All photos from and

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlotte Dellal's gorgeous wedding dress

 I don't know how I missed this - I must have been living under a rock or something. One of London's most lovely "It Girls" the divine Ms. Dellal got married last year to a Mr. Maxim Crewe at her family home in the British countryside.

And WOW, what a dress.

Her dress was designed by Giambattista Valli. The gown had an overskirt that Charlotte could remove later in the evening transforming her look from a gorgeous, elegant bride to gorgeous, sexy newlywed (seen in last photo - 2nd one in) !

Don't you just love it ?

Plus, I think she has great style anyway. Very ladylike.


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