Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thank you Style at Home !

We are absolutely thrilled and so happy that the fab editors at Style at Homeone of Canada's best lifestyle/home decor magazines, has selected Wild thyme flowers as a gift option for The Holidays. And I couldn't agree more. There really isn't much that compares to receiving a beautiful, whimsical, romantic bouquet of fresh flowers, delivered randomly each month, with a secret message nestled deep inside beautiful blooms. Send hints ladies (see our link bar below).....We would love to hear from your better half !!!!

And.... as it is the season of celebrating, we can also help you with any of your decorating needs. Front Door it. 
Decorated us.......NO, really........Call Us.
We love nothing more than a gorgeously trimmed Christmas tree ! 
Parties....We're there.... that's really what it's all about. A wonderful excuse to get together and see friends and spoil ourselves !

Life.... truly is beautiful.

Mmmmm....I love the holidays.


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