Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just thinking.....

I know I haven't posted much this year. Actually.....once. But it's not from lack of desire or interest in doing so.

You see I've been doing a lot of thinking about and organizing a whole bunch of other matters; the flower business, the house renos, what to do about the back garden this spring as well as what kinds of topics to blog about this year.

For starters, we're in the midst of updating our website which I am very excited about. Some final tweaking and we'll be ready to take orders online and show more of our wedding and events work. And as soon as it goes live I will post it here and keep my fingers crossed that you'll visit and like what you see.

Another new endeavour this year will be the introduction of flower classes. We have done them in the past but very sporadically. However, this year we'll be hosting regular classes with a special focus. Our first class will coincide with Mother's Day where we are inviting mothers and daughters (and sons if they are so inclined) to join us at our studio for a few hours of flower arranging Wild thyme style! Naturally there will be tea, coffee and pastries and also a glass of bubbly to celebrate. Future classes will range from learning to make a hand tied bouquet to tips on flowers for your wedding.

The house renos ? Well, the kitchen's almost finished; the new windows have been installed throughout, David continues to knock out walls (what's with men and demolition work - must make them feel like a kid again or something). But I'm told within about a month things will be back to semi-normal. One lives in hope.

Oh and by the way Pamela Terry, David's ok with a little bit of tufting on the couch. As long as we keep the colour manly with not too many tufts. However, his very weathered beaten up leather chair stays. Ugggh! We'll cover it with a lovely suzani fabric or something just as pretty for when guests come round.

The back garden ? Dreaming of a secret garden urban paradise........but will settle for neat and tidy (at least this year).

As for blogging ? As always, I love to share things I find inspiring, beautiful, fun or whatever strikes my fancy. It works best that way. But I think you're more likely to see a few more flower posts thrown in.

Sorry about the long post, but looking forward to finally catching up with all my favourite blogs. I know I've missed lots.

Picture: Photographer unknown. Borrowed from Abigail Ahern's blog 'cause I just thought it was real purty. LOVE Abigail Ahern's blog.


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