Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here's to 2010 ............

Yipee !!

Oh to look this glamorous and so utterly bored !

While my New Years Eve party days are behind me, I could have a lot of fun lounging about on the sofa on the BIG night in this most gorgeous deep chocolate brown ball gown.

Let's see, we'll be sipping champagne (ok, prosecco) served with some delicious canapes, perhaps with some oysters (actually, no oysters - not a fave thing I'm afraid) and followed by scrumptious macaroons, ideally from Laduree, but realistically from Patachou (a great French patisserie here in Toronto).

We'll likely have some music playing softly in the background -- a little of everything; lounge, Cole Porter, Vivaldi, Brazilian bossa nova and a little pop and indie stuff just to stop things from feeling too highbrow. Depending on our mood, a film from The Film Buff might be in order (something cheery I hope) and if time allows and I can hang in there, a late game of Scrabble.

Throughout the evening we'll chat about our resolutions and aspirations for 2010......the goals, the dreams and the bets on how long it will take to break them !

Last year I followed a set of resolutions offered up on Vivre.com (of all places --my goodness) and found them to be spot on. They were all doable, achievable and I pretty much kept these in check for 2009. I think I'll build on these for 2010:

Well ok, I still have to work on the black clothes thing and planning in advance, but four out of six isn't too bad.

And.... I think I'd like to take up dance lessons.......

We'll see.

I wish all of you a most festive New Years Eve and a fabulous 2010 filled with good health, great joy and love.

Image 1: Anna Williams (photographer); Image 2: Vivre.com; Image 3: Toast


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