Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flowers and Fashion

Isn't it wonderful how nature inspires us ? 
One of fashion's great visionaries, Junya Watanabe is known for his complex and innovative designs. His fascination for fabrics that are technologically advanced has led him to explore fashion through the science of fabric. Innovative construction, rich textures and forms have resulted in patterns that mimic ruffles that resemble flower petals.

He defined his 2000/01 collection as "chemical romantic". The dresses were an intricate mix of nature and technique, artisan and industry.

The honeycomb weave and the colour combination could easily have been inspired by this fabulous dahlia....

Oh, by the way, dahlias are coming into season. Be sure to pick up a playful bunch and be prepared to find inspiration. 

More on dahlias on my next post.....

The above images were taken from the publication "BLOOM" from May 2000.


  1. Inspiration indeed.
    I have a friend, so in love with dahlias, that is the name she gave her new baby daughter.

  2. Nature does truly inspire and nurture the soul as evidenced in the photographs. Beauty such as this is calming to the eye and witty and whimsical for the mind. Absolutely delightful blog! Can't wait for your next one!

  3. Pamela Terry, how nice of you to visit again. And how lovely of your friend to name her child Dahlia....I love it. I'm sensing a career in the arts with such a fabulous name!

    Hey Jacqueline,you expressed it so much better than I could have. You,like Pamela Terry (you must visit her blog) have a wonderful way with words. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Such beautiful textures and colours! Gorgeous xx



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