Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Toast by Post......and email

I am such a big fan of  TOAST , a British based (Wales to be precise) fashion company. I first discovered them whilst living in London about 10 years ago and at the time they only had a catalogue. Now they have shops inside Selfridges, as well as a website. Their website used to be called www.toastbypost.co.uk which I thought was adorable. It was sooo British. But perhaps they felt most people wouldn't remember such a delightful phrase. So, now it's just www.toast.co.uk.

Anyway, their catalogues are superb. I used to have quite a collection of them until we decided to do some renovating. Then, very reluctantly, I took a deep, deep breath and purged many of my magazines (my obsession with magazines is quite disturbing) along with the gorgeous TOAST catalogues. Needless to say...I wish I hadn't !

Each season, they pick the most beautiful and evocative locations for their photo shoots. The first winter issue I received was shot in and around a very old alpine hut in the French Alps. The following summer issue was shot on some islands off the coast of Sweden. And yet another issue was photographed in Lapland and the following summer on some isolated part of Sardinia. 

The models are always so lovely. They wear the clothes beautifully.

They'll usually have only two models for the whole photo shoot and the layout of the catalogue is set up to reveal a bit of a story. Whether it's a hot, dry summer on the islands or a local circus act and its cast of characters, or the romantic warmth of an Alpine refuge.

And of course the clothes are really gorg.....Anyway, enough writing, here are some snippets from the most recent catalogue......

What a great outfit for a walk on a windy, coolish September day at the beach. I'm thinking.... west coast of Scotland, maybe somewhere along the coast of Maine, Nova Scotia...any other suggestions for lively walks on a beach ?

O.K....doesn't this look so comfy and fashionable at the same time ? I think it's all in the cinching at the waist and the lovely casual look of her hair. The boots are the best - loving the half calf length ! The cardi is quite lovely too.

I love this outfit ! Her chapeau...fabulous. The boots...the best. The scarf...cosy and still on trend. And the hot pink arm warmers...yes, it works ! The boyfriend ? Unfortunately, not so hot. 

The bold shot of orange is spot on. Again, the boots are fab, and the royal blue arm warmers...nice touch.

Well, what can I say ? She's gorgeous. It's a gorgeous colour and I say frame it and hang it in the living room.

This is such a pretty, sophisticated yet simple look. It's dressy and casual. I love the dangley look of the necklace. I think it gives the outfit an artsy vibe.

The jolt of yellow from the necklace against the royal blue is a very nice surprise. Do you agree ? 

I just think this is very sweet and I love that they have labeled the arm warmers as arm/leg warmers. I guess her arms and legs are of equal size ? A bit scary.....

Great look for those days when you just have to go into town !

Oh, and lastly, I love the name TOAST. It's gives such a cosy, easy going feeling. 

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  1. I so agree. Toast is equal to any magazine. I keep all my issues, too!!



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