Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Wedding....Renaissance

I love the idea of an Italianate garden room setting for a wedding. 

The criss cross ribboning through the arch is intended to mimic a beautiful Renaissance frescoe. The terra cotta pots of miniature orange trees along the table are so divine.

This would look rather splendid in any venue that had an orangery or an airy Italianate feel. The mirrored back wall reflects the decor so wonderfully and gives the impression of more than what's there.

The oranges and laurel leaf garland draping along the buffet table is a very beautiful detail. Simple, yet extremely elegant. And the pretty pedestal full to the brim with satsumas (with their leaves attached) is very chic indeed. 

I think this may be my favourite idea of all - lining the cermony aisle with pots of rosemary and white crocuses and covered with moss. Both can be removed and planted into the newlyweds' garden as a memento of such a fabulous day. Love it !

The bride's dress was very influential to the overall ideas for the wedding... its' stark silhouette, the ribbon details, and the longer sleeves are very much "renaissance" in style. 

As such, the bride could carry a bouquet that cradeled in her hands. Both hands "cupped" the flowers in order to emphasize her sleeves. How lovely.

The alternative to the cupped bouquet is this waist garland, leaving the brides' hands free. A most unusual idea. Yet it still reveals the gorgeous details of the sleeves, and very much keeps with the Renaissance theme of the wedding. I really, really like this idea.

What an inspired concept for a sophisticated, elegant wedding.

All images from Shane Connolly's book on Wedding Flowers


  1. Exquisite.
    I also like the long sleeves on the wedding dress. I find that so elegant.

  2. Hello Pamela, I knew you would love this dress! As always, thank you so much for visiting. I'm just about to pop over to you now. See you in a minute!



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