Friday, September 3, 2010

The Domestic Goddess returns.....

Nigella Lawson has a new cookbook coming out this September: Kitchen Recipes from the Heart of the Home.

I love cookbooks and in particular I am a huge fan of women who cook. Their books always feel more authentic to me - honest, approachable and doable. So in my kitchen (almost finished btw) you'll find Marcella Hazan, Alice Waters, The River Cafe gals, Julia Child, Anne Willan and Ina Garten. Yes, ok I also have Jamie Oliver, Nigel Slater and Anthony Bourdain all of whom I also absolutely adore.

But for some reason I never got into Nigella. I think I just kind of thought she was all fluff and played on her attractiveness and perhaps didn't venture beyond cupcakes and spaghetti.

Then a couple of years ago I happened to read an interview with her that took place on a train ride from London to Brighton. First Class of course. The interviewer was commenting on how striking she looked and that several, rather well dressed businessmen were giving her admiring glances to which she was apparently completely oblivious.

The interviewer asked her a question and doggone it I can't remember what the question was but it had something to do with how she looked. However, I do remember her response and have held it close ever since. It's not a direct quote but it was something like:

"I only look in the mirror once a day. In the morning I'll fix my hair and makeup and that's it. Because I know I'm never, ever going to look as good as I feel".

Is this not true ladies ? It's so true. Ever since, Nigella rocks. So I'll be checking out her new book which by the way is getting some decent reviews.


  1. I actually love her, although I've only cooked one of her recipes. I love the idea of her, and your quote is an example of why.

    The recipe that I made was her Sage and Onion Chicken, which was marvelous, by the way.

  2. I use her recipes all the time, usually as starting points off of which I riff, which i think she would appreciate. In fact, I made a version of one of her risottos in my post before last.

    I like her style and her comfort in her own skin, as well as her mixing of high and low in recipes. What tastes good tastes good. Period. I love this snippet from that interview that you've shared. Another woman who cooks and whose book I read cover to cover is Sophie Dahl. Again, she's a beauty with a brain and a bit of sass.

    Other than Julia Child, I think Ina Garten is my favorite "famous cookbook author." I used to cook for a living, and she is just the kind of cook I've always wanted to be.



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