Sunday, September 12, 2010 are my sunshine

Well of course I LOVE the sunshine (sans humidity). That's a given. Waking up to a sunshiney morning with birdsong and the prospect of the entire day ahead of me fills me with joy.

But ya know sometimes a gal likes some broodiness. Perhaps a little coolness and dull atmosphere to face. So rather than making you get up and go, darker days make you consider, reconsider or take time out, go slow (you know the days you just want to cosy up in bed), go for long romantic walks on abandoned beaches, be serene, be contemplative.

And the colour that most speaks to me and gives me that sense of quiet, romance and contemplation is GREY. Pale greys, muddy greys, French greys, gloomy greys, deep, dark black greys. Yummy.

I should also mention I love it as a gorgeous colour/neutral for interiors. Here are some of my favourites........

The inspiration.........

An abandoned train station on the estate of Corrour Shooting Lodge in the highlands of Scotland.

The view over Loch Ossian (Corrour Estate)

The grey background frames this already gorgeous bouquet beautifully.

An antique vase adorned with the loveliest green fruit spilling out and over. Arranged by the fabulous Christian Tortu.

Old champion winner cups showing their age.

Persephone book covers.
Though I believe they no longer publish their books in this pale soft grey and cream (sigh...)
BTW...I loved this story.

Oooh, this is what I love about fall and winter.

The interiors:

I think this is beautifully styled. Suzy Hoodless designed the interior to the Corrour Shooting Lodge.

I would love to have this fire/oven in my kitchen. Wouldn't you ?

Love the shades of grey in both of the above photos. Cool and contemporary.

Elegant contemporary interior...another Suzy Hoodless.

And one of my favourite photographs by Cecil Beaton. Model in a Balmain dress with Gladiolas nearby.


  1. Hi there Wild Thyme and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Grey is one of my favourite colours - I would love that Arne Jacobson chair but I may have to settle for painted walls instead!

  2. I adore grey. In my last house I had a tiny powder room that I painted a silvery grey, and it became my favorite room in the house! Your photos are wonderful! That train station and those modern grey interiors speak to me especially, as does the vibrant bouquet against the grey background. Just beautiful.

  3. I took one look at that first photo and thought, "that has to be Scotland".
    The entire post!



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