Saturday, September 12, 2009

Great style never goes out of style...

Menswear clothing shop Harry Rosen is one of our clients.

Their flagship shop on Bloor Street in Toronto is absolutely  gorgeous. Newly renovated, the shop is an exquisitely culled collection of boutiques representing the best in men's clothing. The shop is so well regarded that Tom Ford has a boutique here which is so sumptuous even the dressing rooms are extraodinarily decorated. Apparently it is a mini version of his shop in NYC.

But there are other major and long established fashion houses inside HR (not to be confused with Holt Renfrew) that have their own boutiques. They include Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Canali, Ermenegilda Zegna and Brunello Cucinelli. In fact, one of the special event days recently involved a visit from one of the world's finest tailors. The staff were soooo excited, and I must admit, it all felt rather glamorous. 

Anyway, the reason I tell you this is that I never thought of menswear shops as being interesting. But I have to say, each time I am there at HR, I am overwhelmed by the quality, styling and the attention to detail in men's clothing. The Italians in particular are outstanding and I would guess the best in the world. The cloths, silks, colour and pattern combinations are so incredible. So suffice it to say, each time I am there I tell myself I must dress better. 

Buying great quality clothing is never a waste of money. It is an investment. You WILL wear it for years to come. Because...... great style, quality and craftsmanship never go out of style.

Photo taken from Harry Rosen magazine "harry".
Everything about this gentlemen's outfit says first class. He could have had this jacket for five years, 1 year or just bought it today and it would look this good. This is sexy, no ?

Photo taken from Canali website.
Well, yes of course it's an adverstisement. And very on trend. Yet classic. The checks, stripes and diagonal stripes work. It's very chic, has individual style written all over it and yet, still classic.

So, the following is my fantasy wish list of quality, classic clothing for the upcoming coming fall season. 

Two design houses that dominate the fall season for me are Dries Van Noten and Brunello Cucinelli.

Dries Van Noten..... the great Belgian designer..... his clothes represent all the things I would love to wear whilst staying in town. Van Noten's superb use of colour and sophisticated styling are brilliant. And I love the nod to the 40's. Watch his runway show on line. I love the "film noir" approach on the catwalk.

And... for the country.....Brunello Cucinelli... Cashmere, hammered leathers and resplendent silks are their stock in trade.....

Oh, those gorgeous Italians !!!

I absolutely love this outfit ! The boots, the bag, the jacket. And oh, did I mention the cashmere tights ?

Fabulous !

Very fabulous !

Fabulous, fabulous !


Mmm... this could be a very town outfit. Ok, that bag is killing me.

Yes ok, this could also be a town outfit. Do you love the extremely long leather gloves ? 

Quality and classic styling should always be your benchmark. That's going to be my rule from now on. I know we can't all afford a full wardrobe of cashmere and silk clothes and spend silly amounts of money. But one great coat, one great dress, a fabulous bag and some amazing shoes/boots and you have the basics for an elegant, sophisticated look for years to come.


  1. I so agree. I never regret the purchase of investment wear. And I wear those clothes for years and years. Your examples here are superb. The Van Noten collection is amazing...that red trench! But the Cucinelli pieces take my breath away.

  2. Yes I am agree with you! If you have a few good classic basic clothes, you can combine with things who are not that expensive!

    Dries Van Noten is indeed a fantastic designer!


  3. I haven't thought about Harry Rosen in years! I knew Harry Jr. when I lived in Ottawa in the late 1980s . . . and have a taupe fitted sweater from the shop that I still wear . . .

  4. I am dazzled by these beautiful garments, and totally agree that a few really classic clothes will see you through anywhere, - even here in the country :)

    Thank you for visiting, and please come back again.



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