Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nashville meets London via New York City

I know this is a flower/style blog (mostly). But every now and then, something else slips in that I can't resist talking about.

My latest record crush comes from Teddy Thompson. His new album (as seen above) is fabulous!! The lyrics, his pop sensibilty, a bit of Nashville sans the twang.... just delicious. Teddy lives in New York, but was born in London UK.

Do you like his Mad Men meets rocking English Mod look ? Very cool.

Check out more about him at

Back to flowers next blog.


  1. I adore his music!
    I am also a fan of his father, Richard, but Teddy is my new favourite. He does a wonderful version of Leonard Cohen's, The Future, too.

  2. I really have never heard about that goodlooking boy!


  3. Hi Pamela Terry, isn't his music wonderful ? I'm not familiar with his father's music. Thanks for the tip about Leonard Cohen. Teddy is new to me so looking forward to checking out more of his work and his dad's!

    Greet, you are so cute!!! Yes, he is goodlooking isn't he ? I love the look he 's got going. I hope you enjoy his music. Love your blog by the way !

  4. Love English mod on men! And thanks to Pamela Terry for pointing out Teddy's pere; I'm definitely a fan of Richard Thompson . . .



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