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As autumn approaches, I find myself drawn to the very textural and earthy elements that come with the season. Branches, foliages, berries and grapevines all seem to have their fashion moment at this time of year.

The berried branches are perfect here. The room is more handsome and serious as a result. A bowl of roses or mixed arrangement might have intruded on the masculine aspects of the furnishings. These, on the other hand only enhance the other pieces.

Ahhh, this is spectacular and so unexpected at a wedding ceremony. It probably would have been easier to introduce colour and flowers to such a neutral interior. However, in the right hands, a fabulous display has been created. This is a brave choice and all the more rewarding for it. Go for drama when the opportunity presents itself.

Of course the beautiful old stone oil jar is the star here, but the crabapple stems and the cardoon leaves invoke a very relaxed, disarrayed feeling. Yet, I might add, it still feels so elegant.

Have you noticed yet ? That very stunnning bouquet in the green vase on the floor is basically a roadside weed in many parts of the country.....good old Queen Anne's Lace. In Britain, they call it wild carrot, which I love. Doesn't it look impossibly chic in that vase ?

And the bride's bouquet?

A sumptuous cascade of fluffy lamb's ears, scented geranium leaves, clematis seed heads and hosta leaves. Brilliant!

A very contemporary approach to a wedding ceremony and reception. With their leaves just starting to sprout, lofty branches of whitebeam make a striking impact in this art gallery space. 

And the bride's bouquet?

A perfect white camellia blossom. Sublime.
(our one flower inclusion)

These looks aren't for everyone or every venue. However, the key things to bear in mind in the coming months are natural, organic, textural and interesting. Think handsome, spare, sophisicated and elegant.

Picture # 1: House and Garden; # 2:Fete,The Wedding Experience; #3, 4, 5, 6 and 7: Shane Connolly Wedding Flowers


  1. Gorgeous arrangements and bouquets! Lovely post.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you so much for the comment on my post yesterday!
    And you did a wonderful post!!!! Your work is gorgeous!!!!!


  3. I love these pictures! I especially love the Queen Anne's Lace because weed that it is, it is my favorite flower in the world. I have it combined with other wildflowers--rugosa, wild asters, goldenrod, clovers, etc.--in mason and olive jars all over my house right now. Pure bliss. I also love the idea of decorating with greens. I was at the farmers market today, and someone had gorgeous eucalyptus tinged with a bit of coppery red on its leaves. I kept imagining an old wooden fruit crate filled with it beside my door. Sigh. Thanks for the inspiring post. xoxo

  4. Hey there The Accessory Lady, thank you so much for dropping by. I'm on my way over to you !

    Dear Greet, well, how could I resist. It was fabulous! Thanks for dropping by again.

    Gigi, Thank you so much for visiting. Yes, I also love QA's lace and all those lovely "forgotten" flowers and foliages that only can be found at farmer's markets. I love the local markets. Right now we are getting our fabulous dahlias from a Mennonite farmer and they are just crazy, fun and delightful. Make me smile !



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