Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who knew.....?

Only Cecil Beaton and a Balmain dress could make gladiolas look so glamorous and elegant.

And yes, the flower styling is superb ! The vase.... and the glads laying on the table and chair.... gorgeous.


  1. I love Cecil Beaton -- great photograph and yes, those glads look fabulous.

  2. Have you read Cecil Beaton's diaries? You would love them, I think. He is able to capture the evocative splendor of his life the same way he does in his photographs.

  3. Martha: I could look at this image forever. I never tire of it. I'm glad you agreed about the glads. They often get a bad rap. Thank goodness, Cecil saw their potential.

    Pamela Terry: You are so right - well said.

    Lisa: I haven't read the diaries, but on your recommendation I'm there!

    Thank you to all for visiting ! I'm truly chuffed !



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