Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Glamour Girls (Part 1)

About a year and a half ago, I was in NYC with my friend Stephanie of EyeSpyStyle. Whilst there she took me to this fabulous clothing shop, Steven Allan, in Tribeca.

Stephanie shopped, I browsed. While Stephanie was checking out the pretty tunics and shirts, I happen to notice flowers were being sold there. The most charming hand tied bunches were displayed in an old world galvanized trough. It was a delightful find and the flowers were presented in a style very similar to Wild thyme. Bouquets were wrapped in simple brown paper and tied with twine. I loved it. They were just the kind of flower bunches one could splurge on, without it costing the earth.

And oh....didn't they ooze downtown chic ! This was no green grocer, corner store bunch. This was all about style and understatement.

What I loved even more was the calling card of the florist who was selling her flowers there.

I think it's beautiful! I love the Art Nouveau styling, the old fashioned typewriter print, the antique gold framing and the card itself was just plain old brown card. Isn't it gorgeous ?

Well I thought.......I have to find out more about this florist. Who is she? Where will I find her ?

Upon my return to Toronto, I immediately googled the name and finally found a web address. I was so excited and instantly clicked to find a home page stating "Under Construction". Sigh... I suppose I'll have to wait.

Then one spring evening last year I picked up the May 2008 issue of Vogue and who do I find in it but.... Flower Girl ! 

Denise Porcaro is quite the glamour girl in her John Galliano dress and very, very high heeled shoes. And look at the rough hewn trough with all those glorious flowers ! You can see she brings cool glamour and downtown style to her flowers. I love the bouquet of lily of the valley (forefront of pic) in the vintage tin. Sweet !

The flower industry is due this kind of publicity. Thanks Denise !

Porcaro works out of the Earnest Sewn Boutique on the Lower East Side NYC. 

Well then, I'm very much looking forward to seeing more of her flower work once her website is up and running.

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