Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'd like to introduce you to.....Miho Kosuda

Miho is credited with creating this quintessential New York look; a combination of precision styling with a large number of flowers (monofloral). Her bouquets are extravagant and luxurious with a modern edge. At the same time, she uses simple lines, understated styling, and classic flowers.

Designer Bill Blass was a big fan and she was his personal florist for over twenty years ! When they first met Mr. Blass asked her to create a luxurious, contemporary arrangement and Ms. Kosuda responded with more than 600 mango coloured calla lilys. Wow!

When she first started clients would dictate the floral style they wanted. Kosuda would oblige, but she would also send one of her own designs. This way clients could decide which one they liked better. Suffice it to say they often chose her style ! 
Miho's sister once said; "Miho, your flowers are like little ambassadors". To which she replied "That's true. They speak for me". 

Today, she is the preferred florist for many of New York City's society doyennes, fashion designers and interior designers. Her signature "twist" is very much emulated but rarely perfected. Michael George, one of Martha Stewart's favourite florists, and...... ex husband of Miho, is also a master of the " Twist".

Unfortunately, she doesn't have a website.

The first 4 images are from Veranda magazine. The last image is from Eileen Johnson "The Art of Flower Arranging".


  1. Gorgeous!! I adore big, lush arrangements like these. And peonies?! Is there anything better??

    Thanks so much for your visit to my place, and for leading me here. A most lovely blog you have here!! I know I shall return.

  2. Hi Pamela Terry,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I'm new to the blogosphere and I am so inspired by your blog and other like minded

    I share your love of Scotland and look forward to reading more of your

  3. I was lucky enough to have Miho create the flowers for my wedding. The result for a flower lover like me was a dream. Her talent and taste are incomparable, and her kindness and generosity are inspiring! Thank you for posting these lovely photos and for giving Miho the attention her humility doesn't allow her to give herself!



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