Friday, July 8, 2011

Palm Springs meets Scotland in Toronto

We had a wonderful opportunity this past month to completely design a rooftop installation for one of our corporate clients' own home. 

 South West exposure....... thinking......desert..... dry, hot.  It is SO not cottage garden flowers and plants for this terrace. This is extreme territory !

 We needed to compile a list of plants that could survive a drought tolerant, wind exposed position. We also wanted both drama and tropical in an extreme sort of way......hence Palm Springs meets Scotland.

 Plants: a knotted pom pom Scots pine, aloe vera,  various succulents, bougainvillea (totally love), lava rocks, various cactus and other sun loving gems.

It worked very nicely!  We are so pleased with the results.....

And the client was very happy also.  We received an email this morning saying they spent the evening on their terrace enjoying their Palm Springs meets zen like garden, in Toronto.

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