Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An "Elegant Farmer's Market" wedding

Phew, it's been a busy spring and early summer. Between container planters, rooftop terrace installations, corporate events and the start of wedding season, I'm feeling rather dizzy. It's been quite the whirlwind over the past couple of months. And more weddings to come !

In the meantime I wanted to post some pictures of a wedding we did this past weekend at one of my all time favourite places, Miller Lash House. I love this place ! I love this place 'cause I always think it's a lovely surprise for your guests. Anyone who knows Toronto will understand when I say, "yeah the wedding venue is located at the 401 and Morningside" normally respond with "what's out there"? It's Scarborough for crying out loud ! Or "Scarberia" as we used to call it. Let's just say it's the burbs and as such does not conjure up images of lovely 1920's Arts and Crafts houses. But there it is. And once you arrive, you feel transported.

I hope our quick snaps convey how lovely this wedding was. The feel was "an elegant farmer's market" without actually looking like a farmer's market. We took a textural, organic approach. We used hessian (burlap) runners on the tables, linen napkins, displayed peaches with scrolled name tags and we kept the head table "humble" with simple ferns in aged stone containers, while the guest tables had sumptuous arrangements of garden roses, hydrangeas, clematis vines and peonies. We wanted the guests to feel special !

I love how it all turned out.

The peaches were gorgeous, not too ripe for our needs, made a faux stem with birch twigs and placed the guests' names on lovely paper and scrolled the edges.

The final table. It was a bit of a cafuffle (?) to get the peaches in place. But finally the table looked adorable. The brides' father made the chalkboard. Sweet.

The lovely Robin, a wonderful creative florist, putting the final touches to a guest table. 

The view into the tent. I loved the hessian runners on the tables.
Oh, and I should mention that most weddings take place in the tent, not the house. That's because it's not a huge house, but it is awfully pretty. 

The head table up close. So simple, but so chic. The hessian, the aged pots with ferns and peaches randomly laid along the table. We also placed two cherries on the menu as an added charming touch.
It's all about the details ! These are things guests notice and appreciate. 

The view from the tent. 

Jessica, the beautiful bride, with her parents. Her bouquet was composed of sweet peas, lisianthus, waxflowers, veronica, soft foliages and freesias. 

Thank you to Jessica and her incredible mother Eunice. Both were so brilliant to work with. Jessica had an inspiration and we hope we helped her to achieve it. Eunice, thank you for all of your support and kindness.

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