Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My latest art crush....


A couple of weeks ago I received an email from my friends at PARTS GALLERY inviting me to the opening of a new selection of paintings by one of their artists Judith Geher. The above painting accompanied the invitation and I instantly thought, "I've gotta see this for real". It truly resonated with me. But I'm not quite sure what hit me first. Was it the colours ? Perhaps it was the mood of the painting - so sexy and romantic. Maybe it was the soft swirls and curls of her hair. Her icy blue eyes ? Or was it the way the paint went from heavy dollops of colour to no paint at all ? It almost felt...mmmm... not quite finished. Whatever it was, I thought it was beauuutiful.

I immediately checked PARTS website to see more of her work and instantly thought of my niece Carey. One email later and we had a date to check out Judith's work. And we were not disappointed.

Being a florist, this painting thrilled me. A young woman immersing herself into the intoxicating smell off of a bouquet. Sweet !!!

While I love Titian, I think this was really my favourite. I loved the shades of greens and the bouquet  was gorgeously painted. It was painted on two boards (a duotych?) and I have just the spot for it in my house !

The blues in this painting were so ethereal. So delicate, feathery and light.
Plus, I love the kiss.

Spring Cloak
As soon as I saw this, I emailed Carey. How pretty.

And more of Judith's work...............

Eve 1


PARTS GALLERY will be at The Toronto International Art Fair next week. We wish you and your artists great success at the show !

Judith Geher at Parts Gallery from October 14 - November 7, 2010
1150 Queen St. East, Toronto

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