Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Big Thank You !

I haven't blogged or checked my blog for several days now. 

My dear partner David dared me - no, in fact he double dared me to stay away from the computer for the entire long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving). And of course, being a good competitor, I took the challenge. 

Mind you, it wasn't easy. My favourite day of the week is Sunday (mornings to be precise) when it's all quiet and cosy. I make myself a pot of tea and some toast, settle in  and do some catching up on my favourite blogs. 

However, I couldn't do so until this morning. And what a lovely surprise awaited me.

The delightful Miss Gigi of The Magpies Fancy  very kindly shared some of my posts on her blog. And said the nicest things. Thank you Gigi. You really made my day. No, you've made my week !


  1. You are most welcome! It was completely my pleasure.

    xoxo Gigi

  2. and we are ALL so glad she did!

    that is way cute that you managed to stay away from the blogosphere for the entire looooong weekend ... good for you!




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