Monday, May 25, 2009

Styling Flowers 101

As a florist, I am hard wired to zero in on the flowers of any interiors photo shoot. It can be a hit or miss in getting the flowers right. One way for me to determine whether the flowers rock it or not is to ask myself two questions:

Were the flowers an afterthought? As in "Damn, we need flowers. Quick somebody, corner store, grab something...anything!".

Or, did they actually consider the flowers as part of the whole interior ? As in, look at that luscious bowl of blowsy, almost expired tumble of garden roses, clipped from an equally fabulous garden moments before......even if they don't have a fabulous garden.

As we all's all about the fantasy..... the idealised interior.

The best idealised interiors display the simplest, most appropriate flowers. Whether it's classic, traditional or modern, the flowers fit.

A sampling of my favourite flower stylings and why.

.....because Jeff Leatham is brilliant.
The poppies complete the room.... give it life.
It has a 17th century painterly feel. Absolutely gorgeous!

.....another Jeff Leatham. Note the Philippe
Starck ghost chair. But the flowers are so Elizabethan.
And you know the house is in east end London. This is very cool.

.....because it's the Upper East side, it's Mayfair,
it's nouveau riche Los Angeles.
In other words, it's very chic,
and so are the flowers !

Same apartment, but the the naturalness of the arrangement
tells me they have a great florist. It's simply beautiful and works in
this retro contemporary style. Plus, I love bowl shaped urns.

.....because it's design icon Terence Conran in his office at home in the shires. I love that Terence has a bouquet of roses on his desk in his very modern study. I'm convinced they reflect his taste, because I feel that he would never have something on his desk he didn't think was beautiful and lovely. And I bet they've been clipped from his fabulous garden.

.....because I think this is amazing. They've taken some ivy
vines and invoked a very romantic, creative vibe to this room
without artifice. It's perfect ! Don't you want to be there and
meet the other guests ?

My favourite interiors mags who get it right most times include;
ElleDeco, ElleDecor, Canadian House and Home, Australia Vogue Living, Veranda, World of Interiors, and recently House Beautiful (my newest addiction courtesy of my good friend Stephanie over at EyeSpyStyle) and not to be forgotten, the late, very missed (US) House and Garden.

Lastly, my favourite books that get it right come from some brilliant florists and interior designers.

Flowers say a lot about your taste and style.


  1. Wonderful post! I totally agree that flowers can make or break a room, and I love your choice of blooms in these photos. The East End London interior with those red-orange flowers is absolutely to die're right, it's like a Dutch painting come to life. I bet it would look equally great when some of the petals, spent and exhausted, fall wearily onto the table top!

  2. Lisa
    I love the word "spent" . I once walked into a friend's house and she had a bowl of '"spent and exhausted" tulips on her dining room table and they looked fabulous ! In fact I commented to her how I wished I could display flowers like this in my shop, but alas I wouldn't be in business for long !



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